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Email Filing System

Amber-EMS email filing software for small to medium sized firms. Emails can easily be filed to either client or project folders, in both Outlook and Explore.

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  • Synchronises with Outlook Inbox and Sent Items
  • User-friendly screen for allocating emails to projects
  • Files emails to Outlook sub-folders
  • Files emails to Explore folders (message and attachment files)
  • File to folder by Project or by Contact
  • Full Contact Management System (optional, Pro+)


  • Time-savings on filing emails to folders
  • Simplification of email or document retrieval
  • Consistency of filing across whole team
  • Better teamwork from shared communications
  • Client satisfaction from better teamwork
  • Better dispute management
  • Compliance, with professional or ISO requirements
  • Data security, as emails filed to more than one place
  • Company asset


Why Amber-EMS?

  • Specialist Software - For SME's who need to track project emails
  • 3 Levels of filing - Outlook, Explore and CRM database
  • Automated. Automated filing by Group
  • Platform. Desktop resident application - fast and user-friendly
  • Reliability. Proven track record
  • Flexible. Customisation programming is available
  • Pricing. Very competitive pricing

"Support is first rate and the product has proved customisable to our needs. I highly recommend it."

Consulting Engineers, Bath

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