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Ambersoft is a specialist database software company, based near Bristol in the UK.

The Ambersoft Approach

Our mission is to improve our clients' productivity by effective use of a good-fit database solution. That might be an Amber 'off-the-shelf' package; a customised package, or a fully bespoke system. We can make the system fit your business, not the other way around. We provide desktop, web, and mobile app solutions, but our particular specialty is Microsoft Access with SQL Server.


Office or Internet applications for small to medium-sized UK businesses
Job Costing System
... for timesheet and billing

Customised Package

Customised Office or Internet applications for small to medium-sized UK businesses.

Using an Amber package as a starting point, we design with you the changes which are required, adapting the Specification document as required.

We can then provide a fixed-priced quote for the Development Stage, and on-going highly responsive support.

Fully Bespoke

Database software written to meet full requirements for small to medium-sized UK businesses

We start with a clean sheet of paper, and develop the menu, screen and report designs with you in a Specification Stage.

Once completed, we can provide you with a fixed-priced quote for the Development Stage.


"Support is first rate and the product (JCS) has proved customisable to our needs. I highly recommend it."

Consulting Engineers, Bath

"After a detailed investigation in our requirements, Ambersoft have provided us with a job management system which meets our requirements. .. Very responsive support too."

Precision Engineers, Lancashire

"Ambersoft ensured that they got to understand the particular needs of our business before embarking on the customised system."

Ikea, Restaurant division

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