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Is it laborious and difficult to review email history for a job or contact, or find email attachments? Can the lack of full information lead to costly and poor decisions, or weaken your case in disputes? Outlook stores emails in your Inbox and Sent Items, because its primary purpose is to send and receive emails; but for a proper history you need to combine all emails (inbound and outbound) for a single job or contact, and to share project emails with your colleagues.  Our database filing system allows to do this combining and sharing. It lets you look at emails by job or by contact, and even allows you to categorise emails into category groups, such as 'contractual'. 

Imagine what it would be like if your Inbox was empty (apart from Unread emails), and you could retrieve any email or email history in seconds, for any contact or project, for any staff, for any category, and for any time period? 

If you are a small business in the UK, and particularly if you are project-based and want to file many emails by project, then we at Ambersoft can help you. Our email filer (Amber-EMS) plugs in to Outlook, and makes filing quick and easy. Why not contact us for an initial assessment and dial-in demonstration?

Amber-EMS Filer

  • Quick allocation to job or contact
  • Files to 3 possible locations:-
  •    Outlook     (E.g. \Inbox\Client\BathCouncil\)
  •    Explore      (E.g. F:\Projects\1001\ or F:\Clients\BathCouncil\)
  •    Contact Database
  • Files by Job and/or Client/Supplier
  • Emails are filed centrally,  so shared with all staff
  • For Laptops and Desktops
  • Request the Two-page Overview
  • Request a demo and installation of a Trial Copy
  • Pricing - 10/user/month (min 50)
  • Terminate at any time


"Support is first rate and the product has proved customisable to our needs. I highly recommend it."

Consulting Engineer, Bath

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